3 Mugs
Spring 2012 I really enjoyed making these mugs because even though they dont look very good i will still use them. I used the wheel to make them and then coils to make the handles. I really like how they turned out becuase I made them by myself without anyones help and if I could change one thing it would of been to take my time and not rush into making them.


Square potSpring 2012This is a square pot I made, I used the wheel to make it into a cylinder and then I used my pointer finger to rub the endges on the inside to make it look square. This was a really easy project I think that is why I liked it! I wish I would have been able to paint and gloss it because it just looks to plain and I know I could have done better.

Big Bowl Spring 2012 This was the very first project I made in the beginning of the semester and it turned out really good. I used a strainer and layed a plastic bag inside it and then placed clay in it and then smoothed it all out. I really like the result of it, but I dont like how it doesn not have the glossy look and that the edges at the top are not straight.

Bowl Spring 2012This is a small bowl I made on the wheel, I made it look like a heart because one of the edges colapssed. I really like it because its something different and I can use it to put little things in it. I wish I would have made the inside bigger and brought it up a little more to make it taller.

BowlSpring 2012This is another small bowl I made on the wheel and It turned out nice and I really like how the colors are all blended together. I was trying to make a jug, but I could not bring the edges up so I just decided to make a bowl instead. I wouldnt change anything on it because its art and I made it without even trying to make it!

K!Spring 2012This is a K and it stands for the letter of my first name. I flattened clay out and then used the needle tool to cut out a K. I made this just for fun because I was bored and wanted to do something that meant something. I really like how it turned out and I wouldnt change a thing about it, and I also like how the color looks.

Bowl Spring 2012Here is another small bowl I made on the wheel and the edges are aved in because I wanted it to look unique and different instead of plain and looking like a regular bowl. I really like how it turned out and how there is a stripe on the outside, it makes it stand out and give it a little personality.